Let’s put on some music shall we. This one is one of the coolest tune that Goo Goo Dolls had ever produced. Well, I do think that Johnny Rzeznik is one hell of a writer. Some other tunes that is still sticking deep inside my mind are “Iris“, “Better Days“, “Name“. This band is so farking cool!

I just came back from my trip to Miri. Stayed over at my grand aunt’s place in Tanjong Lobang. A walking distance from kolej. Miri changed a lot. This morning, I decided to take the route that I used to take when I was in school. Grand aunt dropped me at center point around 8:30 am. I had my breakfast, a plate of dry mee and liang teh as usual. I was actually trying to look for somebody to accompany me walking around town. I was thinking of Ben, but then Ben was nowhere to be found. He changed his number and not a single person that I asked knew about him. Dread, so .. I was off alone.

I walk out of center point heading towards the road heading to the old cinema. I can’t really recall the name of the road but it was the one near the wet market, near to the riverbank. The street changed a lot over the past couple of years but one thing doesn’t seems to change is the music that is played by the disable by the roadside and the traffic jam at the traffic light nearby Wisma Pelita. I remember last time getting my first ever haircut in Miri at the 100 style Barber, was it salon? I can’t recall but it ws no longer there.

When I walked passed the Lynn Jimbun building, I saw there was small tents, well not really tents but something more or less like what they have near KL sentral, but a little bit beautiful and not so smelly like the one in KL. There were lots nice bracelets and bags on display. I wished I had a camera at that particular moment. At one moment I actually can’t decide wether to take the route to take; the open air way or the Yu Lan Plaza way … but I chose to follow the Yu lan PLaza way and then turned to the other side on the left towards Sin Liang supermarket.

Guess what? I used to buy jeans and shop for cheap boots around this area when I was young. They always have half priced Dickies, JC Benneys and Lee Coopers. Those were the IN trend those days. After shopping, usually we will have a nice bowl of “special” not that far from the area, almost at the back of Sin Liang. This area is actually very popular for all the “ah peks” to lepak. It’s like the whole place was built for them. You won’t see lotsa youths around this area. This area also very famous for pondans. So, be carefull with your ass when you walk.

I crossed the road and to my surprise, Star Video is still very much alive. I can’t farking believe my eyes that videos still exists! I thought with all this pirated cds and dvds pirates all over town this honourable video center can roll the mattress already but they did not. They stand tall. I’m pretty much impressed. Along the way, there’s this bookstore where we had our name tag printed, I think it’s KK Bookstore if I’m not mistaken. I have like 4 name tags with 4 different names. Just for fun.

The not so popular anymore Mega Hotel is still standing, I went inside. Took a peek and saw nothing. I went out through the hotel cafe. The next stop would be Imperial Mall. One of the most prominent malls in Miri. I stopped buy to get a copy of “200 Pounds Beauty”. I missed the show, I got myself a DVD from Speedy for RM29.90. Kim Ah-Joong, wished you were there …

I went up and down for quite a number of times actually. I was looking for a shop where I can get myself another copy of Championship Manager 01/02 Season. I lost the copy I bought back few years ago. Damn annoying because at the moment I am playing demo version and it stops after Christmas. There goes the fun.

My last stop was Bintang Plaza. Well it is not so happening like it used to be in a sense. Less people, less and so more less la .. Basically, nothing! I went back empty handed. I took a bus from the Poliklinik’s bus stop. I was actually very surprised when I have to pay for 80 cents to get back to where I was in the morning. I was like .. “Farking ass … why so dem expensive now?”

All in all, it took me at about 3 hours and I actually missed the bus that was supposed to take me to the bus terminal. I board a cab instead … and paid RM 10. Fark!!!

P/S : Sometimes, we really wanted to get to know somebody .. but then somehow, before you really know them, you got to know that they are just not worth to get to know closer to … ta hell with it!