I was having this conversation with an old friend last night.

Be’ : Heh .. Nama gaga nuan? (Heh .. What are you doing?)
me : Nadai .. tengah ngadu blog (Nothing .. In the middle of fixing my blog)
Be’ : Oooo .. Nama pengawa nuan diatu? (What do you do now? – as in working)
me : Nyadi cigu .. GSTT la (I’m teaching .. Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih la)
Be’ : Manah meh nya (That’s good)
me : Nama aku ninga nuan diatu nyadi lecturer? (I heard that you’re a lecturer now)
Be’ : Aok (yes)
me : Ba dini? (Where at?)
Be’ : UNIMAS. Baru jak la (UNIMAS. I just started)
me : Ooo .. Manah meh nya. Besai gaji lecturer ne? (Ooo .. That’s good. Lecturer’s pay is good right?)
Be’ : Nadai la .. Sama meh, kerja perintah (No la .. It’s the same what, gomen still)
me : Ya ka? (Is it?)
Be’ : Aok (Yes)
me : Aku pun ingat ka nyadi lecturer ila (I think I want to go into that direction one day)
Be’ : Anang, ukai nya nyamai (Don’t, it’s not easy)
me : Ha ha ha .. Nya la. Nyadi cigu la aku (Ok, la. I’ll be a teacher la)
Be’ : Manah gik nyadi cigu. Enda tension (Being a teacher is better. Less tension)
me : Nya meh, gaji besai, cuti mayoh (Yeah, big salary, lotsa holidays)
Be’ : Nemu pan nuan (You realized that too)
me : Aku baru pulai interview KPLI kemari (I just got back from the KPLI interview yesterday)
Be’ : Manah meh nya (That’s good)
me : Lama amat nadai pengawa (It’s been out of job for quite a long time)
Be’ : Biasa la .. aku pan baka nya suba (Normal la .. I was experiencing that too last time)

To be honest, If I am to be a teacher it is because I like the environment, working hours .. I don’t really care about the salary. Well any gomen post the entry level, the salary more or less the same but given that as a teacher I will have a lot of holidays and only work halfday – Well, tentatively halfday but sometimes there’s extra classes or extra co-curricular activities in the evening but I don’t really see that as working. It’s more or less like socializing with your students, getting to know them better.

I like to travel and I do travel a lot. With this job, it can provide me enough days that I need to go travelling and going places. Being given that both of my parents are teaching, we can go travelling together and spent more of quality time together. I think it’s a wonder and If I am accepted for this teaching post, I would truly feel blessed.

The interview the other ran quite smoothly. I am glad in a way that it’s over and now I just leave it to them to decide on it. I did my best. The rest, is history.

This morning I went and meet The GB for just a quick chat. I was supposed to hand in an assignment that she asked me to do. She was telling me that she had been very busy and having lotsa things under her care at the moment and thought of taking a leave so that she can only concentrate on her upcoming exam. I pity her also la. She’s one strong lady. A dedicated teacher I must say and smart too.

I was happy that she told me I got the highest score for the English program that was conducted a few weeks ago and was flattered when she said :

“It would be a waste if they don’t accept you for this program”

I smiled and in my heart I say my thank you to God for what I’ve been through. I think I’m growing older and wiser by every move.