Interlude : I launched a new blog today. Check it out here.

I’m happy that it finally rains here in Bintulu after a long, quite long in a way 2 weeks draught. Gosh! Not even the air-cond can help. Blame it on global warming, yeah .. it’s global warning already!

I put up a new banner. *look up* I would like to thank Rory for that.

Last night me and dad went out to watch football. Above all places, we chose “BlueBerry”, which is quite an expensive place just to watch football. We’ve been wondering around for an hour before we finally made that decision to just lepak there. It’s quite hard to find a mamak stall with astro here. It’s not like in PJ, Serdang or wherever la in KL or Selangor. People here watch gusti in kopitiam. Kanasai!

Dad was frustrated that he did not catch the earlier match which was Arsenal V Fulham live on Star Sports. I was wondering why on earth he got so mad that he didn’t get to watch the match. I mean, I’ve always known him for being a strong supporter of Liver-fool. Something’s fishy going on. I suspect my dad change club already. Traitor!

On another note, we entered “BlueBerry” with just short pants and singletsand wore “selipar jepun” and for God sake it is a bistro and people come there to have some booze, play pool .. we came for the football and two cups of milo panas, which was priced at RM4.00 per cup!

Nah .. It’s okay anyway

Okay for you to say

Well, this is Bintulu not KL. No need to bother la. Same thing also, not that we don’t pay. We pay bah ..

True, so very the true.

P/S : Chelsea played superbly well despite letting in two goals and guess what? The debutants all scored. Kudos to Malouda and Pizarro! Man United drew – I know it’s still early. Give em a break.

On another note, relating to the topic being discussed in Mar’s blog :

He’s bad, He’s mean, He’s bald … anybody? And he now plays for CHELSEA!