Ok … Time to get a little mushy mushy on Friday!

Let music be the food of love! – Heard of that before? I’m sure you do. Now, when we talk about things like this the word “romance” comes to mind. Now how important is being romantic in a relationship? Well, every single person have their own little judgements on how important can it be but what I think, doesn’t really matter if I think it’s important or not because in the end … the thought that my other half would like to think that I should be romantic does counts. She doesn’t have to say that but we know it by heart.

Romance is the flavor of love. Have you ever paused to wonder what it is that brings enthusiasm in life? Romance is that elixir that makes you vibrant, vivacious and full of vitality. Everyone has their own idea of romance and romantic ideas,for some : Someone who’s sensitive about his or her beloved’s needs is romantic, for some : The idea of romance can be as simple as a peck on a cheek, a warm hug or just uttering those three miraculous words “I love you.” These gestures appear romantic and are best when your beloved is least expecting them.

Now guys, whether we like it or not, whether we would want to admit it or not … being romantic is indeed important. You might say that, what matters is the heart but you yourself at least for once thought of doing something romantic for your girlfriend, spouse be whatever she is. Admit it guys!

Something worth sharing …

Wrong ideas about romance and being romantic …

A fulfilling relationship can do without romance: Between our jobs, hobbies, and all the other things that life throws at us, our relationship with our partner tends to take a back seat to those things we perceive as more important in life. The reality is that the relationship with our partner is the glue that holds everything else in our life together. Adding Romance to your relationship will not only make it more exciting but also more enjoyable.

Being Romantic requires spending money: Romance isn’t about how much money you spend on your partner or how much money you have. It’s about trying to make some of their fantasies and dreams come true. Most of the time just opening the door for your partner or complementing them on the way they look, smell or feel will make them feel more loved than buying them an expensive gift.

Romance requires effort and a lot of time: While some aspects of romance can require lots of time, romance is also about the little things that make a big difference in a relationship. A simple thing like turning down the lights, putting on your favorite music and close dancing in the kitchen while dinner is cooking exudes Romance and takes very little time and effort.

Only Women are more romantic then men: In most relationships, the woman is considered to be more romantic, however this does not have to be the case. Both men and women need to partake in the game of romance. The only difference between a romantic person and the unromantic person is the amount of time they devote to doing the little things for their partner and their relationship. It is about paying attention more than anything.

Flowers and candy means romance: Although flowers & candy are a nice gesture, they are so common and often a cold gesture. You can still give your partner flowers and candy but spice it up some or try variations. Try taking your partner to the place where you first met and present the flowers and candy to them there. Going that extra step and not stopping at ordinary makes all of the difference when it comes to being romantic.

You cannot learn to be romantic: The truth is, no one is born with a ‘Romance Gene’. Everyone has to learn how to be romantic either from a book, the way your friends or family treat each other, movies, TV, or some other resource. One nice thing about Romance is that it is contagious, as time goes on you want to be more and more romantic towards your partner and chances are your partner will be more romantic in return. It should come naturally and eventually with love, will.

You have to plan to be romantic: The nice thing about Romance is that there is no exact formula – what one person finds extremely romantic may not be romantic at all to someone else. The key to being Romantic is to find out what your partner finds Romantic. Don’t be afraid to ask them, they will be glad you did. Again…pay attention to your partner!

Being Romantic on Valentines Day, anniversaries or on a birthday is sufficient: Being romantic on the days you are supposed to be is expected. Being romantic all year round on the other hand is vital to the overall health of you relationship. Every successful relationship needs impulsiveness and spontaneity – it keeps things exciting.

Whatever it is I think it’s a – YES! You just have to be, or else it wouldn’t work in a long-standing relationship! We have to keep them happy, vice versa la.