Note : This is not a sponsored post. I am just doing my part in promoting something that I used to be actively involved in during my uni days.


Dear all,


Just a sharing with you all regarding the coming ICG ’07.


What is FREEDOM? Don’t you feel curious on the stand of the Church on FREEDOM? I think all of us are confuse, unaware, ignorant about this. By reflecting on what is happening now, don’t you feel that somehow there are restrictions in the freedom? I quote this from Oxford Dict-freedom: unrestricted use of something; exemption or immunity from something. Well, these definitions imply that there should be no restrictions in practising our freedom. In my point of view, restrictions are somehow needed, or else, the world will be chaotic by then, rite? But don’t u feel that sometimes this whole concept of freedom is just too complicated to be understood that we just tend to give up. When this happens, we will not know what is our freedom in standing for our right especially in terms of our faith in our multi-religion (I suppose this word is seldom used to describe Malaysia, multi-racial is a common one, rite? Correct me if I’m wrong. Tq) country. Yes, restrictions is needed but until what extent we are restricted? If restrictions are needed, why does the word FREEDOM existed in the first place? As you seek to understand the concept of FREEDOM, why don’t take InterCampusGathering 07 a shot? Maybe you will get a better picture of freedom especially from the Church’s stand after the ICG 2007




You would be asking, why ICG 2007? Because the theme is


WHERE: St. Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
WHEN: 13th – 16th OCT 07
FEE: RM 103
(T-shirt and transport are included. This fees varies between campuses as each CSS will also subsidize but for those who are not attach to any CSS, this is the amount that you have to prepare. This is only applicable for those going from KL.)


#Please be noted that bedding(mats, matresses, pillows) should be prepared by the participant themselves.


Xtra Info:
1. This is a bi-annual event that will involve ALL Catholic students from all colleges, universities in Peninsular Malaysia. Expected participation is around 450…Just imagine, all our Catholic friends will congregate at the same place!!


2. There will be 6 sub-themes to support the main theme:
1. Freedom to WORK,
2. Freedom to LIFE,
3. Freedom to MARRY,
4. Freedom of RELIGION,
5. Freedom of SPEECH,
6. Freedom to EQUALITY
(Source: Project Proposal of ICG ’07)


P/S: These are subject to be changed.


The closing date for registration is 31st August 2007 (next Friday).


Another good news to share with you all! KLCC’s t-shirt is BORN!!! It will be sold at RM17. We are hoping that all those from KL Diocese will be wearing the same t-shirt during the ICG. That will add the fun, rite? With this, I attach the design of the t-shirt. Besides that, the selling of this t-shirt is also part of our fund-raising project to subsidize those who are going for the coming ICG. Please be reminder that the t-shirt is NOT restricted to students only….so, anyone interested????


Thank you so much for your precious time in viewing this message and I really really really really hope to hear from you all very soon. Till then, please take a good care of yourself and God bless. Please forward this to as many friends that you have. Please spread the good news, ya


For further enquiries/registration/booking of t-shirt, please contact:


1. Jennifer Vaz (012-6841605)
2. Adeline (017-6837533)
3. Alan (012-6896568)
3. Fiona (019-8153211)