Of late, I’ve been trying to dig out how on earth I can add my nuffnang ads here in my blog. Well, I’ve been registered with nuffnang for quite a long time I think. Might not be a year but enough to make money in a sense I guess. And so I did my research on it and found out that actually I can’t put any adverts up on a free wordpress account. Dissapointed? Yes I am.

I know for a fact that for a site like blogger, they allow adverts to be placed on your blog(s) which is not the situation at wordpress. Commercializing my WordPress.com hosted blog by hosting paid advertising is against the terms of service and will result in my blog being deleted

Now, I love wordpress. I do think that it is the best blog site ever created but the restriction is somehow rather absurd in a way. But to look at it in a different way, what wordpress is trying to do is perhaps to not let the blog site becoming into blogger which is primarily populated by sploggers and spammers.

There actually a few options that I have ; Go back to blogger – Which I don’t think I will do. At least not at the moment. For some reason I’m not a big fan of blogger eventhough I started my very first blog in 2004 on blogger. I would rather stick to wordpress because of the tight security that wordpress have. Unlike wordpress, there are no “File Upload” features in Blogger.com, which is there at WordPress.com and the most important thing, which blogger do not have is a plug-in to stop spam. So security-wise wordpress is a lot better.

My second choice would be ; Get another host but still using the wordpress platform. Doesn’t make sense kan? But actually you can download the wordpress software which can be downloaded from wordpress.org. You can still enjoy your wordpress editor, with theme editor and place up ads but NOT on wordpress server. So, that’s the catch.

Before reading up and do some research, I put in my mind that if I can’t make it with wordpress, I’ll change but again keeping my head straight I asked myself, what do I really want? I’m just blogging for fun and not really for the money. I know money comes in good with blogging once you have thousands of hits every freaking day. But for me who barely reach 70 hits per day? Worth it? Maybe not now. SO, I’ll save it for another time then.

So, does that still make me a nuffnanger or what? – Nuffnang, answer me!

P/S : I’m serious. WordPress rocks! Eventhough I have to fork out a hefty amount of money to host on wordpress and get the VIP package – the only one that supports ads and modifications, I wouldn’t mind.