Just a little note : I’ll be in KL for a week. Will be flying off to KL at 4:10 PM later in the afternoon. So expect less post in the coming week. 

Dear Daddy,

First and foremost I would like to say “Happy 50th Birthday“. Damn you’re old! Man, you doesn’t look like you’re 50. I’ll give you a big bear hug. *hugs*. What can I say? It has been a wonderful 25 years we’ve been together and along the way we’ve had our disagreement on lotsa things. You’re stubborn aren’t you? I guess I got that from you too. Maybe it is true that we are actually very much alike in some ways.

Hey, stop whining about not winning the premiership will ya? And that penalty, it was given to us and not that we asked for it but I thanked Rob Styles for not being so stylish. We’ve had our share of spoils so, we’re even. Are we cool now?

Man, I’m terribly sorry for not being able to be there to celebrate your half a century celebration. What do they call that, silver jubilee? Whatever. Seriously dad, I wouldn’t mind to stay just for another day but you see, the ticket on 22nd is RM 99.00 and the ticket the next day is RM 165.00, if you were me which one would you choose? 🙂 Just pulling your leg la pa.

In another 5 years, no 6 years you’ll be retiring. Sit back and just enjoy life. I know you just can’t wait to retire. So that you can spend all day long lepaking at your favourite kopitiam every single day. I know you very well.

Remember last time when you asked me to take science stream. I actually didn’t even try to appeal. I just hate science stream. I’m telling you now. I could have been drafted into one if I appeal for it but I didn’t. I went on and stay in social science which is way cooler than the rest. 🙂

Remember when you asked me to apply for KMCJ for matriculation? I didn’t even put KMCJ in my choices. I penned down KL and Selangor as my destination. I didn’t tell you that but now I’m telling you. The reason was actually, I want to roam around. I don’t want to be stuck here in Sarawak all my life.

I remember when I told you that I might apply for UiTM diploma program because I flunk my matriculation and I don’t want to resit for my tests, you told me :

Don’t ever think of it. If you do, do not step into this house forever

I think it was a bit harsh and for that one time, I agreed to what you’ve said. To my surprised, I am happy that I chose to agree with you. I managed to get through my exams with flying colors. That was a miracle. If say I went on with what I have in my mind, only God knows what will happen.

Remember when you asked me to put UNIMAS in one of the choices for UPU? You know what? I didn’t. I put 5 for UMS, 1 for UKM and 2 for UPM. I got UPM. I got economics, I didn’t go for accounts as you told me to. Dad, I hate accounts.

Doesn’t really matter now eh? So, on your birthday … I can only give you “segulung ijazah”. A start to a new beginning. After 5 wonderful years in UPM. I will be graduating and this one is for you. We might have tonnes of things we did not agree upon but your still my one and only dad. No matter how sucky you can be, no matter how irritating you can be at times you’re still that dad that I looked up onto.

Happy Birthday Dad!



P/S : Today is Zul’s birthday. He shares the same birthday with my dad. So dude, if you’re reading this, I wish you a very happy birthday and congrats for … your engagement? Not really sure about that but anyway – semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.