I came across clement’s post the other day on “what are the craziest thing you ever did for a girl?”. Well, this is not so something like that but maybe just a little bit, in a way.

Ever think if cooking something posh and nice for your dates on Valentine’s Day? Imagine you and your partner having a romantic candle light dinner. With fine wine and the music. Ohhh … indahnya suasana🙂 Well, it was a few days before Valentine’s. I was like, “HECK!” What am I going to do for the day? And she on the other hand has been asking for surprises la like gifts and stuffs. To be honest, at the time, to make matters worst, my dad forgot to bank in my pocket money for that whole week. He left for training in Kuching without banking in money weekly allowence! Bummer!

I was like, no money what to do? The actual plan was to take her to have an expensive dinner. I don’t really mind spending once in a while. What I did was after that, I bought some beef burgers. You know RAMLY burger. Yup, that burger that the Abang Burger tepi jalan jual type. It’s nice you know. I bought some black pepper sauce and a few bottles of sparkling ribena. Well, I don’t want to spoil the mood while I already promised a nice dinner.

Come that day, yeah … I thought it was funny and sweet indeed. I mean, not being able to spend on expensive meal, but I manage to find substitutes for the steak and wine which is the RAMLY burger for the steak and Sparkling Ribena for wine. What I did was, I put up the burgers on the gril and just start grilling and then for the sauce I actually just fried up some onions and add some black paper to it and walla! .. There goes the steak substitute. I thought it was really smart of me. Well, we enjoyed our dinner and I think that was a memorable night for me, a memorable Valentine’s Day also I guess. We had some mp3’s on for exchange of the violin sound that you know .. the one always in the movies, where these people had dinner and then got a few violinist by their side playing some mushy mushy tracks.

There was no flowers, no gifts but that was the least that I could do for the day. When I look back at those days I must say that I’m impressed with myself. One conclusion here, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must comes from the heart. Because what comes from the heart, touches the heart.

Lovely …