I found out a nice spot for Transformers or cartoon freak like me and it cost me an air ticket from Bintulu to KL, then LRT to Kelana Jaya and then a shuttle bus to the CURVE.

Ok the picture was not that nice. But guys, I think this place is way cool. You got read lotsa comics, mags and what else? There’s tonnes of figurines! If you’re a Star Wars freak, you’ll like this place. As for what they say, this is the meeting up place for all sci-fi freaks as the name suggest la.

I was basically thrilled! So many Transformers to see. Wahlau eh .. It’s like heaven man!

They even got free internet surfing for customers. Eventhough it’s only for 20 minutes la but still .. I take my time off while Rory and Bongkersz were munching to check my blog here.

It’s a complete heaven for sci-fi freaks, what more can I say?

Comics anybody? Bongkersz, so asyik

Hey, Rory .. Smile for the camera!

Cool huh?

And until drumsticks came, we went for our very-hard-to-decide-movie

But I think it was a nice one though …