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No not that fireworks, this one is the real one.

Believe it or not, this is actually my first time going out for Merdeka celebration. I never really did. I was studying in Selangor for 5 years, well almost 6 years in total but I never go out on Merdeka eve. Initially it was drumsticks‘s idea and then me and bongkersz decided to tag along.

Weย butted out from Serdang quite late, it was about 10:00 pm when bongkersz finally arrived. There was a massive jam in LDP, as usual .. Merdeka eve, name me any road that is not jam packed with cars. By then drumsticks was already in Cyberjaya and she said that the place already super packed.

When we reached, I thought that there’s no way that we could bump into each other in this area. The place was jammed packed like sardines man. We actually parked quite far from the place. We have to walk like almost a 1.5 KM but it’s okay because everybody does the same thing.

It looks like a house is on fire. My bad

That night it was the Japanese team turns to do the fireworks. It was quite interesting though, although I’ve seen something much better but this one is the first time I got to see it non-stop for like 45 minutes or so.

Another bad picture


Here are the rest of the pics :

This was supposed to be saturn, something like that

I like this one

That’s the last one

Just to show you a glimpse of how jammed packed the place was :

This is only the front part. Our car was way behind … another kilometre

After all the tussle and hassle going out of the place, we decided to have some snacks down at Old Town. The place was over crowded too.

This was supposed to be a nice pic

Drumsticks : “Don’t want to take pic with him”

I’m exhausted but still managed to finish my Nasi Ayam Rendang

We met Eugene with his other half. The shirt, seems like a major attraction. But I think it was kinda cool too.

Whatever that mean is … it’s cool

There’s one particular part which we think quite funny. It was something about what Eugene said to bongkersz – “You’re Handsome

Finally, a good one. From L-R : Drumsticks, me, Bongkersz and Rory

We left the place like around 2:30 AM tired, exhausted name it. All the pictures of the fireworks actually reminds me of :

Cool … at least now I know where they got the idea