3 Days into the job and I’m already on MC. Why? I’m sick. I’m really sick. I feel the earth move under my feet and I feel the sky tumbling down. I’m currently down with flu, fever, bad cough and I felt truly, madly, deeply sick. I have nothing to write but just this and not because I’m asking for pity or what but I’ll be better if you can help me pay my medical bills. 🙂

By the way, I’m honored to be awarded with such a prestigeous award. Thanks to all of you for your support. I thank God, Jesus Christ for making me ME and not you, my family, mom – you’re the best I’d ever had, Dad – Keep on rocking in the free world, my sisters – I love yall and to all my fans out there, thanks for the support. It’s truly one of a kind just like the star shine beyond night time, Are you there? – And GOD, I love you!

For those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs – checked
For the people who take others feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous – checked
Also for all of those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping others bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites – errr .. checked
This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others – err .. checked

But anyway, thanks for the “Thoughtful Blogger Award“. I felt like winning an Oscar already man.

No, I’m not going to share this with anyone else please … I want to keep it for myself. 🙂

I think people who really deserves this not kennysia or xiaxue – she’s a fucking bitch. I know you’ve been given this award before but zewt, I think you really deserve this.

Forgot to mention, The award was given to me by clement.