As promise, I am putting up all of my convo pics for today.

Little Prawn getting jiggy

L-R : Dora, Oink, Jervis, Ms. Oink, Agatha, Jani, Little Prawn, Leslie

What so funny?

I felt like I’m on the Solero Shots

Higher ..

With Anna Maria

One Big Happy Family

With Gerald Venantius

Another Ben added

With Alex Tai-ko, Leader of the Toyad Clan

L-R : Jen Vaz, me, Sis, Leslie & Greg

Little Prawn Jing Ngai Big Time

Me and Sis Wen

The Bachelors and The Bachelorettes .. With some Doctorates and Masterates?

That’s all I have. Be nice and peaceful to each other. Have a nice weekend!