It’s Friday. Thank God. At least now I’m not so pretty much occupied. Been quite busy for the past few days. A little bit drenched in the process but still I’m enjoying it at least for most of the part. The only part that I am not really happy about is that I have to do things that I would love not to do that is – balancing.

I was put into the operations this week and it’s only my second week. I would not like to to disagree much but since I’m new so what the heck. Do what I have to do la. No, do what I was told to do would be more appropriate. But so far, I don’t have much to complaint about. I think the nature of the work is quite okay eventhough sometimes can be very demanding but it felt good to be back in the corporate world, the scene I mean.

I got a very understanding boss – Okay, he’s a family’s friend so maybe that’s why he’s good, some might say but he’s actually nice to everybody. I got a very friendly supervisor and crazy bunch of colleagues. They’re just like this Brady Bunch kind of family. Damn! I guess because there are not so many of us in the team makes everyone kinda click to everyone kinda in a super fast mode. Just like in one zap, “Hey, welcome to the club”.

Still, there’s a very long way to go. We might not know what will happen along the road that still have so many bends and twist along the way. It’s nice to be in it again.