It is out of my norm to post something up during the weekends. I was a little bit busy during weekdays so I took time off the blogosphere for a while. It’s not that long anyway. This is to make up for those no-posts days.

After work on Friday the boss decided to have a staff meeting. I know this is going to take quite a while. Indeed I was quite right. The day that I was supposed to be out of office sharp on 4:30 PM, I left the office at about 6:15 PM. I know it’s counted as overtime but still, I think the meeting was a little bit too long. Sleepy. The good part is that, boss mentioned that there will be an annual retreat for us. How cool is that? Above all the allocation is around RM 700 pax!

I needed a break. So this afternoon I went to the beach and guess what? It was super packed. Well, as usual Tanjung Batu is always super jammed packed on weekends with all the banglas, Indons and Myanmarians playing beachball, mat rempits taking time off – Alangkah indahnya. But who cares anyway. I just need this time out.

I took some pictures, a lot actually but it turned out to be … well most of it is not that nice but I thought that these two pictures are cool.

I took this from the edge of the beach. Cool huh?

I love this one.

That’s what I did for my weekend. I still got tomorrow but let’s just save it for another day and maybe another post. 🙂