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I was engaged in somewhat I would like to call a very interesting conversation with a friend a few days ago. I was actually quite … not to say impressed but somehow rather tickled by it actually.

“I tell you what”

“Yeah, what?”

“Actually the song Here Without You is like my song. I mean me and my gf’s song la. Like couple’s song lidat”

I was tickled quite badly la ..

Ok, ok .. my bad. I mean for someone who rarely tell and talk about mushy mushy stuffs suddenly said that he have a “couple song” whatever you call that – I was laughing all the way while replying to the sms. I guess he’s just being human after all. Suddenly reminds me of the good old secondary school days.

I told you guys that I was in a boarding school right? Well, me and bongkersz were from the same school and I guess he knows what I’m going to talk about. It was back in the final schooling days of form five. For some reason, each and every guy in the hostel, not really but the entire male population in my dorm got a letter each and they somehow contains the same material. You know what?

But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be holding you close to me
Will I ever see you smiling back at me
How will I know
If I let you go?

Does that ring a bell? Yes, that’s the song la. If I Let You Go by Westlife! Each and everyone of them man. Damn! It was funny. Maybe because it’s the hit song during that time and coincidencely became the theme of the end of the year or goodbye my love theme song – whatever. I thought that was funny. Ok, I did get one. But not that song. A different one. Maybe I’ll blog about it some other time. 🙂