“What do you like about me?”


“Absolutely nothing?”

“Not really”

“Then …”

“Your smile, you’re pretty face and bla bla bla”

A tiny pinch was felt on my already so plum cheek

“Come on, seriously”

“I thought that’s what girls wanna hear all the time. Don’t they?”

“You’re generalizing. I’m not one of time. Now tell me …”

“I think you’re cute”

“Define cute”

“Ugly but adorable”

Another smack

“That’s according to Ben. Not my fault. I borrowed his line”

“And according to you?”

“The same”

This time it’s harder

“Ouch, that hurts!”

“Suits you. Don’t want to friend you no more. Huh!”

She got cuter every second. God she’s irresistible.

“Sing me a song?’

“What song?”

“Any song. Ermm … Love song?”

“Ermm … Rasa sayang hei, rasa sayang sayang hei, Hoi lihat nona jauh rasa …”

“Get out!”

“Okay .. okay .. : It goes like this”

I’d like to close my eyes and feel the warmth of your hands
I’d like to be endured in this never-ending dream
The thought of you made it possible
The longing is so incurable
And I … believe …

“Until next time”

“Never heard of it before”

“Of course”

“Is that a new song?”

“Ermm … kind of”

“I like it”

“Thank you”

“What’s the title?”

“Purple people eater”

“Huh? Why so …”


“Yeah, it doesn’t sounds like or didn’t say anything about purple at all”

“Don’t you think the wise word to put in was cute?”

“Enlighten me”

“Never mind. It’s not important”