A friend asked me why the fuck I woke up in the middle of the night and replies sms(es). My answer is simple : I think it’s rude not to reply sms(es) when you can do so. Then will come the second question and it might sound a little bit like this : But you were sleeping? and my answer to that was : But you read the sms(es) and you know about it.

Now, say I was talking to you or maybe trying to have a descent conversation withΒ a friendΒ and then you know that he knows that you are talking or trying to talk to him but he just “make don’t know“. How would you feel? So I’d say it’s the same with sms(es). You know that there is sms(es) in your inbox and I think it’s important to acknowledge the person on the other line that you’ve read his / her sms(es).

Talking about sms. There’s just this feeling that I have when it comes to smsing people. Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes it make you wonder and often I got put off really bad that I felt like deleting the person’s number straight away.

Turn off number one – You say hi, and asked How are you? or How was your day? and the reply was “why?”. So, sometimes I got dumbfucked by the manner that “Do you really have to ask why am I asking you that?”. It’s like when people say hello to you when you meet them and you asked them why are they saying hello? It’s simply courtesy. As simple as that and it’s not a fucking rocket science that you have to squeeze your tiny little brain out to figure out why the fuck did I say hi.

Turn off number two – say, you write :

Hey dude, wassup? How are you. Heard that you’re getting married this year. Good for you man.

and the reply :


WTF on this motherfucking planet earth was that? I am trying to fucking make a descent conversation with you and THAT? I wish you and your generations of fucktards live happily ever after.

Turn off number three – Jz gt bck 4m mtg.x la.i x 1 bt if u 1 i1 1 2 πŸ™‚ c u on9 29

I always got dumbfucked pretty hard with this one.

Turn off number four – You sent an sms to a friend that maybe 2-3 years you haven’t sms. The reply you got :

Err .. Who is this ah?

KNN .. That’s how you value our friendship.