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Subject : Installation of Computer Games Software

During the recently completed computer exercise, we discovered that there are nearly 800 installations of computer games software. The attached spreadsheet list contains the computer games software discovered by the asset management tool which now allows us to identify the usage of unauthorised software on individual computer’s.

As continuously reminded, installation of unauthorised software i.e. computer games, is a legal offense under the Copyright Act 1987. As responsible users of bank provided facilities, we must not expose the bank to risk of legal action. Kindly be aware that the offender can be both held legally responsible and in addition subjected to disciplinary action.

All staff are reminded to ensure strict AVOIDANCE and IMMIDIATE REMOVAL of the unauthorised software from the Bank’s comuters. Monitoring and review exercises are in place as a continuous effort to identify copyright offenders.

Thank you

Head, Information & Technology Management


You know what I think? This must be those people from Hire Purchase. They basically have nothing to do besides picking up phones and bitching around. Fucktards! I can understand if they install games like bejeweled, which tops the list but Final Fantasy IIV? It must be them. Four words to choke upon – You’re in deep shit