I hate waking up so fucking early in the morning. I slept late and had quite a large number of booze on the weekends. So, I need that extra few hours of hibernating under the sweet comfort of my blanket. Dad woke me up at 6:30am, I forgot that he have to supervise for PMR. Dread!

I arrived at my office at 7:15am, the time where the Big Boss and Rumplestilsdick are still sleeping and snoring like a friggin fat ass pig. This is not a very good start to the day. When I didn’t have enough sleep, I will be sleeping awake, my brain will be half dead that even 1+1 I need to use a fucking calculator. I start work at 8:30 by the way.

Comes 8:30, shit happened. The system went down. Meaning? Everything have to be done manually. OMFG, you don’t know what hell I went through and with a lot of people in line, it doesn’t help because all they know is cursing and nagging at you to be super fast. Customer is not always right, sometimes they are a bunch of fucking retards that think that they know every fucking thing in this world.

Today I went for clearing. My first time going out for clearing and it was basically because Big Boss have been asking me :

Have you gone for clearing sessions yet?

I have been here for a month and I haven’t been to any clearing session just yet. Most of the trainees went there every fucking day for two weeks at least during the first month and me? I’m just plain lazy. Nope, I got like tonnes of work to do because basically I am the clerk, I am the assistant vault officer, assistant credit officer, assistant Messenger! and I’m half of everything that they have in the bank but I’m paid as a CR personnel which is quite shitty and being in the operations department doesn’t really help.

Today I was out with Bryan, our Vault Officer (as stated in his contract and the organisation chart) to the clearing house. Just to give you an idea of what we were doing which I doubt that you can understand ; basically cheque clearing is a system which enables cheques to be transmitted between banks (and between branches) in order to transfer funds. In a way it’s like we’re going to the clearing house to exchange cheques so that we can transfer funds for transactions purposes. I know some of you still don’t fucking understand this but try google for it then or be a banker when you grow up.

Here, the clearing house will be at MAnYakorangBANK. So, every fucking bank in in this town will have to open an account with MAnYakorangBANK in order to transfer fund for transactions. It’s actually a bit dodgy because the way to the clearing house is not through the front door but the backdoor which made me think that this shouldn’t be called a clearing house, maybe HOUSE (Illegal Gambling House) is more approriate. very dodgy I tell you.

I got the shocked of my life seeing so damn lotsa people inside the clearing house. All aunties and uncles inside and it’s really like a mahjong house. They were talking and bitching around like it’s nobody’s business and I was lost. So, I accompany Bryan to another side. I saw there’s a label being put on the table to show where we should sit. We sat next to HSBC. Well, HSBC is still not here yet but everyone has been fucking busy since they got there.

I was paying attention to what was Bryan doing until she walks in and suddenly there’s a silence. Everyfuckingbody stopped talking and like being put under a spell. Ooh la la .. A baby so fine! Super fine! Bryan snap his finger and said :

That’s HSBC, and that’s the reason why I love my job. 😉

Oh shit .. I said

Can I go for clearing everyday? Please?