After meeting today I went out chilling with K-Lee and Tim at Palm Garden. It was a tough day for everyone with lotsa work and big boss calling for a meeting till late, everybody was like in a very PMS-ed mood. Damn! I was thinking of indulging myself with some refreshments so I call up the waitress :

“Ya, mau minum apa boss?”

“Kasi long island tea satu”

She looked at my like she wanted to cry in vain or something. She gave me a weird look and say

“Iced lemon tea ada”

I looked at her and thought she was fucking with me and then I smiled and said :

“Tak apa, saya mau long island tea”

No, she was not joking. She don’t know what the hell am I talking about. K-Lee had a nice laugh.

I gave her a shrewd look and say

“Ok la, vodka lime”

Again, that “I Think I look cute” look

“Ok, nevermind then”

She looks dissapointed in a way but then she turned to me again and said

“Can I get you anything else?”

Oh, she speaks english .. ok, and I said

“Yes, get me another waitress”