Annyeonghaseyo! 😉

Time flies, yes they do and not that I just realized that but I can’t think of any better opening words to write. So, forgive me if you will. It’s the end of my weekends and tomorrow will be a start of a new week of work and more work to come. Did I mentioned that internal audit is going to take place after raya? If I haven’t, in case you don’t know starting from last week we actually have been working very hard to minimize unprofessionalism in our work and that’s why last week was full of meetings and more meetings.

Last week Johny was not around so Big Boss step in into his role. I must say it was kinda stressing with him watching our backs and not saying anything. He just observed and keeps everything to himself. He’s not like Johny who will say a lot of things and be there whenever you need assistance. To my surprise, we actually didn’t really asked for assistance from him. Maybe because everybody is trying very hard to show him that they are capable of handling their work and – come what may.

Saturday I was busy doing some registrations. To date, I’ve registered for driving school ; commencing 20th October, I applied for streamyx ; will be install this coming Thursday, I registered for The Ironman Gym ; I’ve set Tuesday and Thursday for training sessions and I was thinking of making Saturdays as the day that I will go for swimming instead of going there once a month.

Why all this? No, it’s not because of health reasons but merely for the sake of looking good. Why? Do I need to explain? Okay, I’m trying to get rid of those extra fat around and flatten my beer belly or is it belly beer? Whatever! Anyone knows how can I add extra few CMs for my height? – Without wearing boots or high heels that is. I stand at 170 cm and I think that’s a little short for a guy.

What I’m trying to tell you is that money has been flowing out smoothly from my pocket this week. With bigger money, comes bigger temptations. So, I gotta be careful.

Ommo … Kwieobta!