From now and then I will never see such a beauty

A big wide smile follows. I know she’s listening.

“Wakey, wakey my lovely princess! The sun is up above your head”

Oh, no. She’s giving me that look again. Please don’t. Darn it. You win

“Can I just have like another five minutes, please …”

I love that tone. So … captivating. That look in her eyes, is like a glimmer of hope. A hope of something new to come; A new beginning. God help me! I can’t resist. I could just spend hours watching her. It somehow gave me this peace of mind. Enchantress!

“Alright then, just five more minutes. I’ll be back in a short while”


That cheeky smile again. I gave her a big bear hug and a quick peck on her left cheek. I can sense giggles. She turned to me and said

“How about here?”

Carefully holds my hands and land my fingers on her lips.

“Ermm … wait till you brush your teeth”

I felt a big smack on my back for that.

“I really gotta go now. Remember to take your med”

“Okay … be back for lunch?”

“Maybe not but I’ll try to make it for dinner then”

“Okay … be safe”

I quickly ran out to the door


He’s so cute. I’m so in love! Drools …

“You’ve Got Mail!”

Hey sweetie, have you taken your meal? Breakfast is on the table. I’m in a meeting. Catch you later. Muaks! – From now and then I’ll never see such a beauty.

That was exactly five minutes. I need to get up. My empty stomach is calling for food. I wonder what he had in store for me. I hope not fried bee hoon like last time. Not that I hate it and not that it is not nice but I really cannot take bee hoon early in the morning. After bee hoon means toilet. I hate that. I hate it when nature calls early in the morning!

P/S : I would like to thank cbenc12 for The Egle Nest Blog Award. This is my 2nd award since I took up blogging back two years ago. Komawo!