I got this from my friendster buletin board actually. I thought this is also something worth to share with all of you. Some of you might have read it also. It says, these are the things that girls think would be so sweet for a guy to do. If you’re a girl and you think that this is sweet, repost and the same goes for guys who think that they would do any of it. I might do some of them, not all.

Hugs from behind.

Sometimes I wonder why does this seems to a big hit. Ok, maybe you’d say sweet but again why? I guess it somehow shows that I really want you to be mine if I do that. Maybe, definitely maybe. Would I do this? Yup, I would. I’ll give it a tick then.

Grab her hand when you walk next to each other

I guess in a way likely, it was your mother or father who first held your hand when you began taking baby steps. Having a parent hold your hand while you were out in the world made you feel safe, protected from any harm. Some people think that hand-holding during the dating scene was a whole new experience that made your heart skip a beat or two. Would I do that? Well, I would. Another tick.

When standing, wrap your arms around her
It makes her feel like you really love her

Cuddle with her

I Think it’s a romantic, relaxing way to let someone know you care, and an even better way to keep warm on a cold day. 😉


Like when she said “I don’t cook”, don’t forced her to do it because you might suffer from diarrhea. It’s hazardous!

Write little notes

I think this one is cute. I don’t think I ever did this – yet! It appears that the most popular places to leave love notes is somewhere in your kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of where you leave or hide a love note for your partner to find, writing the note and taking time to find a unique place for it says loudly that you are still very much in love with your partner. Ok, that sounds too mushy.

Compliment her Honestly

There are also many hidden benefits to giving compliments. It’s amazing that such a small, simple skill like giving away compliments can change the way you view yourself and the world around you. It will strengthen your relationships, boost your self-esteem, and increase your self-confidence. You will experience joy and happiness as you learn to give selflessly.

When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible
I thought of the song you’ll be safe here by rivermaya when I read this one :

Close your eyes
Dry your tears
‘Coz when nothing seems clear
You’ll be safe here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Weary heart
You’ll be safe here

Be super sweet to her

Be a gentleman. For a start, be nice to everyone you know. Girls really judge guys on kindness. Say “hey” to everyone you know, and make sure to hold open doors open for people even if you don’t know them. Overdoing this might let people to think of you of trying to get into their pants. That would be the last thing that I want to hear. Darn it!

Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams
A very popular one indeed. Tell me or just share with all of us, what do you normally say? 😉 Come on, don’t be shy!

Comfort her when she cries
A crying shoulder. Need to explain more? They think that it’s sweet and I think I’ll be able to do that. That’s why I repost. A tick!

I’m pretty much done actually. I’m currently still stuck with watching “Yoo Hee Manae!”