Sometimes I just wished that at times like this I have maybe around eight stomach. Like the cows, they can eat all day long without feeling like to puke. I really envy them for that. Yes, this is a raya makan-makan post.

I just got to admit that when it comes to any festive season, our country is so full of food. Forget about the “Harga Ayam Naik” thingy but look at how many kilos of chicken served during the first day of raya. My God! This is not even chicken hartz can match. Rendang, serunding, pulut, lemang, ketupat everything was there!

The first day of raya, sure there will be lotsa lemang, pulut, rendang, kari ayam and even itik panggang – one of the houses that I went to I actually had roasted duck. Damn nice! Superbly out of this world.

My beraya session officially started at 10:30 am. I have to actually because I was following Jacq and her family beraya at some of our relatives houses. That one is like 4 houses, all located in Desa Senadin. I was wondering also how come all of my relatives bought houses there.

The real party starts at 2:00 pm, with both Amoi – It just can’t get any better than this!

Amoidewa aka Bonnie

Cibol aka Clyde

I think we headed for a few houses straight away. Stopping by Emiza’s place. Damn, her baby was so damn cute! Emiza was my classmate back in high school. I’ve not seen her since we last went out for outing back in August last year and now, she got 3 kids. When we last met, she only have 2. She’s just amazingly productive!

That’s the first house of the second half of the day. Emiza actually told me that she waited for me since morning for me to come but I was somewhere else la in the morning. I couldn’t make it to be there as I was in Desa Senadin. She cook like damn lotsa food and that made me feel guilty, she keep on saying that she cooked all that for me!

Emiza, the baby and the sister!

Sorry Miza, I forgot your baby’s name!

Next stop was, Zulfadly aka Lil Sean. It was like ages since I last saw this guy. He sure does grew up really well!

Lil Sean Babyrack with Lil Kei – What’s with the Lil Lil?

We went on to go for a few houses after that but we failed to take any pictures so maybe next time then. I went back home at about 11:00 pm. Woh .. What a raya I tell you. Didn’t I tell you guys that I was wearing a pink baju melayu for that day? With samping somemore. 😉

That’s enough for today …