I just came back from Miri just a few hours ago. Here I am back in Bintulu. Not much to update about. I’ll be posting out some of my raya vacation pics in Miri within this few days. I would like to thank Amoidewa for being a great company while I was in Miri. I felt superbly great! Happy holidays everyone and once again, thanks to Amoidewa!


Just doing a tag on how does my desktop looks like :

What I have on my desktop:

1. My Documents
2. My Computer
3. My Championship Manager 00/01
4. My Championship Manager 01/02
5. My Songs – Unfinished songs that I’ve recorded
6. My YM
7. Bearshare
8. Opera!

Not so clean though

Just to add something to this post. I know people have done this like ages ago but honestly, I only did it last night. I was curious of who would be my celebrity look-alike and the results :

Jang Nara-ssi? Insanely beautiful