How does it feel to be looked down at? Bad isn’t it. It’s like being stripped naked on center stage. You feel like you’re being downgraded to the max. It happens and when that does happen you feel like shit, useless but somehow you feel like giving them a piece of your mind. The least that you can do is to tell them that you still have that dignity to live as a person.

Sometimes I would think that I would like to stand up and just say it out loud that I do deserve a little bit of respect in life. I hate hypocrites. They’re just like a spreading disease infesting on an old rotten flesh waiting to exhale. They take pride in what they do – looking down on people.

I would like to tell them I’m proud to be who I am. I am an Iban and I’m so damn proud that I am an Iban. What’s with people and races? Why the discrimination? Why the fuck in their fucking retarded mind that makes them think that being an Iban and not of their kind means being on the losing side? Why on this fucking planet earth that being an Iban they think that I can’t be like them? Why? Why is I’m being an Iban is an issue? What right do they have to think of it that way?

I am an Economic graduate. I am proud to be one. Not that I’m the best in the field but I am being somebody in my field, doing what I am supposed to do and thinking of things the way that I am suppose to be thinking. I wonder why questions like why I am not an engineer, why am I not a doctor were raised? What the fuck is wrong with me being an economic graduate? Why was I being judge in that manner? And why did they label me as somebody who doesn’t have a future? Just because I’m an economic graduate doesn’t mean that I don’t have a fucking future, then what make they think that being an engineer or a doctor can make them own this world?

My parents are teachers. We might not be rich but we still survive in this world. A world full of love, hate and tragedy. My father might not be a businessman but me and my siblings got good education but why question about how we earn a living and what does that have to do with am going to have a bright future or not? Why?

I just wished I could turn back one day and say these four words for them to choke upon :


But that would be ONE DAY.