Greetings From Sir Archibald Barricade, The Warmonger ;

I bumped into warbook like a week ago. Make it two weeks then. I got addicted to it. It reminds me of the old time playing Utopia. Basically they’re both quite similar where it’s quite a simple game, your character runs a kingdom that accumulates gold each hour based on the amount of land it has. You can attack other player kingdoms or join an alliance of kingdoms. You gain experience points for every successful attack or defence or spell cast. There are various character classes with different strengths. In short, like playing warcraft in 1-D. Only text!

I don’t have tips to offer because I’m quite new to this game. What I know is, be rich and spend wisely. Don’t build twin towers or send some monkeys to space. πŸ˜‰ It’s simple, to be rich, build more mines. That’s it!

I basically have a few blogger friends playing this game. I tell you it’s fun. I’ve been inviting everyone to play but no response eh .. Maybe they don’t find it appealing. πŸ˜‰ Whatever!

The motive is like I said just now, to be rich and to have lotsa land. It’s either you buy land or you attack and conquer some land. Suit yourself. If you got lotsa money, just buy la. I wished I could!

Everytime you attack, you will gain up some experience and with that your level also build up. They will give you some points for attacking. The highest that I’ve seen in all network is level 51 and the mightiest in my network is, Sir Bernard Chan. You see, that’s why he’s not updating his blog. He’s preoccupied with his marvellous kingdom. I want some of that!

Do not be blinded by the stats. I’m poor because I’ve just upgraded my army and why Ms. Fong is the richest is because she didn’t even bother to sign in to her warbook account!

For those who I’ve invited but haven’t sign up for this game, please do so because with every invitation sent and every account open, I will be having extra cash to build my kingdom. πŸ˜‰ I’m being honest.