Sa-kai : : (saa-kye)


1. to fill with great surprise or sudden wonder; astonish upon seeing something new
2. to get overly excited over it
3. if you still can’t imagine what’s the meaning of sakai, have you ever watch the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy Before? If you have, that is another level of sakai-ness.

A few days ago drumsticks, bongkersz and me tried a karaoke session on the NET! – through Skype. I got sakai-ed. Why?

1. this is the first time I know what the hell is skype
2. skype is so farking awesome
3. now the whole family can have karaoke session with my sis in UPM

Aren’t we so sakai?

I managed to record some of it but then I can only record my voice and can’t hear bongkersz and drumsticks at all but I can hear my mom and my cat being busy in the kitchen.

Bear with the broken chinese