It was rather a slow start of the day. I was very much bothered with the speculations going on around me, around the company. Everything is like so not very clear at the moment and at this particular moment I feel like I’m walking through all this my life paralyzed.

This is my second month working here in this place. I’ve never felt so much better, well in a way. I’ve learnt a lot in the last few months working here, an eye opener I would like to call it.

There’s this rumours that there will be a restructuring of the company within the next few weeks and I can’t help myself but feeling worried about what might happen then. Hire purchase will merge with operations and instead of having two heads for the branch there will be only one. So it’s either will still be my current boss or the hire purchase center manager.

I’m very much worried because I have only 2 months left on my contract. Yes, I am still not a permanent staff and I’m still not sure of what will happen in the next few months. Will I still be here doing the same thing? Would I still be here but doing something else? Would I be station to another branch and doing something totally different? Or would I be out of the job again? So much uncertainties.

I was busy posting up OCs for the day when Ting suddenly asked me :

“Kamu punya contract sampai bila oh?” – You’re contract runs until?

“Bulan dua belas. Kenapa?” – December. Why?

“Lepas itu leh?” – And after that?

“Tidak tau oh, kalau boss cakap stay saya stay lor” – I do not know. If the boss wants me to stay I’ll stay.

No further questions after that. I guess everyone is pretty much worried about that too, even the permanent staffs like Ting, Bryan – my superrior.

Back a few weeks ago boss asked me to if possible extend my contract with the company a suggestion that I happily agreed to. I will be shifted to sales and marketing department after the end of my current contract – according to him.

But what have been said during this past few days make me wonder. Will it be the end of everything or a start of a new beginning, I do not know.