Last Friday I went back to our long house in Batu Niah. It was my dad’s long overdue trip back to have a peek at some land that we have back home. It’s actually more or less like an hour trip from bintulu to Batu Niah. By the way, in case you don’t have a clue where the hell Niah is, it’s in between Miri and Bintulu. We have the ever famous Niah Cave there.

It’s not that we don’t really have time to go there and check the thing out, it’s just dad was not really in the mood to meet up with my grand’s siblings especially when it comes to matters involving properties such as NCR land.

You know when you have greedy relatives who would just try to snag at any opportunities to take everything, it can be really tiring. You might think that you’re well educated enough not to be fooled but you just need to be extra careful every now and then. Those who we think ill educated can be harmful sometimes. They might have better idea up their sleeves. We never knew. We’re living in a world where we can’t really 100% trust someone, not even your own blood. It got more complicated when it’s involving friends and families.

Upon arriving at the first plot of the land which was named Sungai Belalang, situated at about 3km from Batu Niah bazaar, I was in a slapshocked state. I was not expecting a jungle. What’s always on my mind was an empty land with no trees just land. I was wrong. The first plot which belongs to our family is about 3 acres. It’s not that big. It can accommodate at least around 180 oil palm trunks.

It took us an hour just to go in circle and have a clearer look on what’s in for us. Grandpa said that the neighbouring land used to be jungles as well but since oilm palm plantation is a big thing at the moment, the area is developing very fast. 90% of the lands are occupied with oil palms. Now with the price of RM 450 per tonne, everybody is going for it and it will increase to RM 500 or maybe RM 600 in the near future. A tonne is not that many, let say one full Hilux would give your more or less one tonne. You can imagine how much the people nearby are earning every freakin month. Small scale farmer usually will have like at least 5 tonnes per month.

So, it’s a very big business here in this state. Everyone is going for it. That explains why relatives are being so secretive about what they do these days and really, land are serious issues. Darn! It’s like a civil war.