Remember your first crush? Your first kiss? Your first time saying “I Love You“? I bet you still do eh. Don’t lie la. These are the things that we would never forget. I admit I do remember and I will remember that well at least for another 1000 years (if I live that long).

When you look back at all this things, you might want to, you know jump off the cliff or something like that. You’d probably will be saying – “What the fuck was I thinking?“. You know those kinda stuffs sometimes makes you laugh at it and make you want to kill other people when they people laugh at it. ( I hope you got what I’m trying to say here)

I’m taking my sweet time to write about this. Not just for the sake of writing but to share what I think at the moment with all of you. Yeah .. you, I mean YOU!

My first crush was when I was in standard one. There’s this cute little girl name Olivia in my class. Ok, be realistic, I’m only 7 years old that time and I do have a different way of defining cute and pretty so shut the fuck up. She’s so cute,with ponytails and sweet smile. She’s just so cute. Everytime when it’s “Sit-in-front-time” I will always sit besides her. Nobody can sit there. I’ll throw some kung-fu at those who dare to interfere LOL Basically my classmates know about it and they empty space next to Olivia is mine.(I have a stamp on the floor there, just like Arnold’s ugly footprint at Hard Rock Cafe)

There was this one time. I think I watched to much movies. I kissed her on the cheek. It started like this .. I was sitting next to her. And maths seems so boring at that time. So, I choose to stare at her. Looking at her smooth silky hair, smooth baby skin … yah .. I must be crazy. I was driven to the feeling of kissing her. So, I just did what’s on my fuckin retarded mind at that time. When she turn the other way, I launched a quick peck on her cheek. And then you know what? … Shit happened. She cried … the whole class were looking at her, not exactly .. or maybe it was me. I was like ..

“Macibai why la happened things like this at this time?”

During recess I was called by our class teacher, Ms Norlieza. We had some discussion :

Teacher : Kenapa awak cium dia? – Why did you kissed her?

Me : Tak tau. Saya suka dia – I don’t know. I like her

Teacher : kamu tahu umur awak baru setahun jagung dah pandai buat perangai – You that you’re too young for something like that? (direct translation – you know that you’re just a one year old corn and you do things like that)

Me : Maaf cikgu. Lain kali tak buat lagi – Sorry maam, it won’t happen again

Well, I do keep my promise though. I just never happen again. As I turn my head to other girls as I grew older. Funny in a way that I did that. Why I did that? I don’t know. Damn!

P/S : Baby, this happened long time dy. I still *heart* you so very much!

On another note :

Rhoda will be going for a surgery tomorrow. Let’s just hope and pray that everything goes on well. I might not know what is Arteriovenous Malformation is but according to Bernard, it’s abnormal blood vessels, something like that. I received an sms earlier on :

Hi tomorrow I’ll be having brain surgery. Ha ha. Really! Please pray for me. The ops will be around 12 or 2pm tomorrow. – Rhoda.

Our prayers are with you. Be strong girl!