Why am I writing this at this hour? So free? Yes I am. I’m on leave today. Johny asked me to take a leave today. It has been 3 months and I have not taken any leave since the very first day I stepped into the office. So here I am, taking his advice relaxing and pampering myself at home. But I still have reports pending to be done.

The last two weeks I have been having meetings with Big Boss everyday. Sales reports, daily planning, briefing and of course the appraisal form. I’m getting sick and tired of it but then that is not a choice, so I have to work my ass out. It’s ok then …

Carol called me up yesterday. She’ll be coming back to Miri next week. It’s not that it’s a surprise to hear that. I attended her engagement dinner last month here in Bintulu but then I was surprised to hear she say that the wedding would be in January. That’s super fast! First it was Wen and then Alice and now, Carol. All three angels of the Cibol’s Angels are now taken. So now I’ll be just be – Bol, Ci-Bol.

I have nothing against married friends really but somehow some of my buddies seems to be changing into a completely different person when they got married. I see lotsa my friends are like turning into a complete stranger to me. They’re no longer funny, they’re slow and the most “visible” transformation is their tummy! So Ah Bui already! Bigger than what their wives have when they’re 7 months pregnant. Ai ya yai ya yai …

So, to me changes is good. To the better la. But not to the extend that you change they way you are. You know stuffs like you used to be funny and now you’re not. All the small things la. It’s understandable that you can’t really go out partying all night long like you used to when you’re married. once in a while of course la. But don’t change into a retard like you’ve been pussy-fied by your wives. For example – You’re no longer funny, you took time to analyze jokes (slow pick up), you no longer laugh at dirty jokes. So please, I pray to God, when I got married, don’t turn me into one of them. It’s seriously sickening.

I need some sleep … Warbooking is indeed tiring