I decided to prove bongkersz wrong, my next post is not about being a dad or a grand dad or anything related but just some pictures from my first ever visit to Sarawak Cultural Village. LOL! This was really really so very the outdated la.

With Henie and Andrew

It was back in April 2005. I know being a Sarawakian I should’ve been here for like ages ago but you know, time and money is not a wealth that I really have. So, I waited until that year, 2005 to come here. If not because of Henie said that he wanted to come over to Sarawak, I wouldn’t be there .. maybe till forever. Kasian nyer!

At the Bidayuh’s house, I actually forgot what they call this thing.

Fancy doing this? It will take me forever to do this.

This is the “Penganan Jala” making. It’s a traditional Iban deli

We rest a while at the Iban longhouse, watching performances by a group of “Indu Dara”

kiek Emmeit (Kirk Hemmet) in action

I also wanna try …

The “Orang Ulu” dance

The Melanau’s House – Rumah Tinggi

Monkeying around before we go up the rumah tinggi

Ooh .. the art of self indulgence?

Ooohhhh haaaaa .. Aram meh kitai ngansar ka kaki!

The performances before it all ends …


Nah .. the end already.

Can see me o not?

One last camwhore before we go …

Tak jadi balik .. Go mandi after that

Wah .. Super fat!