Another I Have Moved Notice : Due to unforseen reason, Bongkersz moved his blog to a new place. So, I wish him all the best in his newfound home. LOL

Trying very hard to catch up with what I’ve missed these past few years. Well, sometimes it does feel nice to come back to you when you were you and not anybody or somebody else. Am I confusing you? Nevermind then.

Often when I think of what I really want in life, I came out with no answer. It seems like it’s very hard to think of. I’m a dreamer. I try to think that life, no matter how hard it is, I will take it easy. Well, to be honest sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time it doesn’t. I remember that last time in school I wanted to have a girlfriend because everybody have one and in the end I realize that it was not what I want.

Life is a game of poker. It’s how you play with your cards, it’s not pure luck. It’s a science. You must know how to handle it well. Each bet you place you must be sure of it. The amount that you bet on also shows how confident you are on that bet. The best bet would be when it’s ALL IN, that’s when you’re 100% confident in your card. But remember, It might be your last bet. So, think carefully.