Everybody knows Einstein. A genius .. total genius who came out with this idea of relativity. The most significant one? Yess .. E=mc². Einstein contributed more than any other scientist to the modern vision of physical reality. His special and general theories of relativity are still regarded as the most satisfactory model of the large-scale universe that we have.

Now, in this decade. A new formula was created.

Standing for few hours + loud pitching = productivity+Quality

Yess, this is something that just can’t find in your textbook. I tried so hard to google for it on the internet but my effort goes to waste. I just can’t find the bloody connection on how on earth those that theory leads to productivity and above all QUALITY! Go and check everywhere, I bet you won’t find this equation. It’s because of the level of intelligence of the creator of this equation, I think that he should win a noble award for that. Paksu! Paksu!

Indeed it’s the most interesting idea that man had ever created that I think if Einstein is here with us, he would be totally amazed. Noooo!!!! That actually fucking annoyed me. God damn it!

MunKyHeAdSteIn – That would be a proper name for that person

Fuck it, I won’t jump into the bandwagon and get stupified with it. – I can’t be arsed!

P/S : I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very dear friend, Jani a sweet 24th birthday. Go with your dreams girl and pray that there will be more to come. Have a blast on your birthday!