Don’t tell me I never promote your blog okay!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you

Dude, this beer bong song is especially dedicated to you. A friend in need and a friend in deed. Eventhough sometimes and most probably most of the times you talk craps but your craps makes sense. Dude, I’ve known you for like how many years already eh? 12 years .. That so damn fucking long. If we were married we might have tons of kids already but then I’m not marrying you. How old are you again? Oh ya, no details right? But nevermind, who the fuck care.


Friends that watch your back
Friends that play with your heart
All act the same from the start
Before you know it some disappear
Others stay beside you for life
Those are the friends
The best friends

Sorry for the outdated pics dude. We have to recycle. LOL! We just do not have the time to photochop a new one for you. I guess this one is very nice already.