Advent is here. A time of joy, a time of peace : There’s a time to get ready by focusing on your own sinfulness and evil, a time for personal transformation and following Christ to the cross; that’s Lent. There’s a time to get ready by rejoicing that our God is not far away and unfamiliar with the struggles of human life, that Christ is here right now among His followers, that God has already begun to bring in the Kingdom, and that Christ will come again to make it clear who really runs the place. That’s Advent.

You know how funny life can be at times? It’s amazing how things could happen or could have happen if I may say. At one moment you’re flying high, soaring through the sky and then the next thing you know you’re getting deeper underground. And then you’ll probably say; “Well, that’s life”.

Or it could go like this; it was like yesterday that you had it all and now, Wednesday is gone. And at that particular moment you might be wondering what have you done to deserve all this? Now, you start to hate it and continue to hate it but you just can’t find anybody to blame, not even yourself.

It’s like waking up in the morning and finally realizes that it was just a dream. You got frustrated but then you can’t do anything about it. You’ll feel dejected, fucked up to the max and well maybe a little bit in a mess – partly because you just can’t really get hold of yourself.

So, sometimes you wonder whether what was said and done was sincere. Or was it was plain stupidity, lies that you’ve swallowed blatantly. It hurts, really. Are you a victim in this sick sad little world? Maybe everyone is one of them. So, what does that makes me? Are we together in this? Maybe, definitely maybe and that is my definite answer.

Happy advent to everyone …