Me: This is my first time. I’m left speechless dy

YS: It’s not the right time / right person. Sometimes you just feel not right only after start. like when you look at the menu, the food looks so tasty but when you finally ordered, it might not taste the way you thought it should be

Me: ermmm

YS: that’s something we can’t help

Me: then I’m the bad food then? or the misleading menu?

YS: different people have diferent taste. Like I might like to eat sushi. Some ppl tired once and no more after that

Me: ha ha ha. This is like a very good blogging topic. “of bad food and the misleading menu

YS: huh? I didn’t mean that lar. I mean different ppl have different taste

Me: I know

YS: u can’t expect everyone likes to eat a type of food

Me: but in this case im the bad food that looks nice on a menu

YS: eh… don’t catch my words lar

Me: but really … it struck me

YS: I was telling you food might not go the way I thought it should be. Ok lar, then follow ur way, if u are misleading

Me: ha ha ha

YS: then one day there will be some one who likes ur taste. he he he