Remember was talking about company restructuring a few months ago? It took place last Friday and the results, not so joyfully accepted by some or shall I say most of us. Finally HPC and CRC are now under one roof. You might be wondering what are those two. Well, HPC stands for Hire Purchase Centre and CRC stands for Customer Relationship Centre. As expected, Big Boss is not the Big Boss here anymore but a dickhead from the HPC is now the Big Boss. Why a dickhead?

1. He’s a dickhead
2. He know nuts about operations. Insane!
3. I can’t think of any other words than a dickhead

Okay, I know it’s advent and I’m not supposed to say fuck and curse. Enough already.

But the good part is, Johny have been promoted to Customer Relationship Manager and I think it’s about time. He has been with the company for like almost 15 years. So, I’m reporting straight to him and eventhough he’s not the branch manager, HR is under him. So, at the moment I’m pretty much safe. Thank God!

I have some issues with the restructuring actually because I see a lot of redundancies and also a lot of overlapping in terms of power and job scope. Hey, like WTF do I think I am to say this? HQ put it that way and let it be that way. I have enough thing to worry about, my flu, job offers, money – that’s always the issue with everyone. I need some rest and yet I’ve been warbooking all along. God!

This is turning into a civil war …

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