This is a message from Count Cibol, The Count of Belmont on behalf of Countess Nicole De Lonchre,

Countess Nicole De Lonchre
Level 22 Mogul
144,689 Acres

Total Income : 3,454,279 per hour


You know how I wish this is what I have in my real life. That particular land is not that big if compared to any other player in warbook but then it is still one of the biggest in the C.C guild. I’ll be so damn rich by now.

Soldier : 1,068,663
Knight : 22,710
Pikemen : 704,654
Legionaires : 1,012,602

With this I can repel any attacks. Well, almost all. Since I became a mogul the front line is very much quiet these days. I can only see a few bottom feeders’ attacks in a day compared to tons of attacks daily when I was a warmonger and most of them are moguls and super big sized generals. Didn’t I tell you guys that I gave up my former kingdom? Oh, I didn’t. I open up another account which I only use for warbook. I’m still using my old facebook account though. So, there is no need to be worried.

How I wish I could repel this flu attack. Damn it! – I mean “Bloody Hell!”

My running nose is killing me softly and tenderly …

Despite all the sickness, I still got up at 5:30am to play warbook, get ready for work at 7:30am and then go to work at 8:00am. While at work, I send some SMSes to my fellow warbooker.

“Dude, I need some soldiers. Can you supply me some?”

“Dude, do you know any reliable warmongers that can cater soldier orders for my size?’

“Hey, can you do me a favor? Log on to my account and cast some alchemy for me. Thanks!”

See, I just can’t get enough of warbook. I’m a chained warbooker now.

Since I reached 100,000 acres, life has been quite hard. Money is not a problem BUT finding a reliable warmonger that can fulfill soldier orders for my kingdom size is very much a hassle. It’s either that they’re too small or they’re not online. Then I have to stay at where I am, can’t really move up. Damn, it’s annoying!

But then, that’s the only headache I face as a mogul. Life has been great actually …

P/S : I need Shinigami Bong to get to 60,000 and stay there for a week or so. I need soldiers and to payu, get to 100,000 acres as soon as possible. C.C is lacking of big moguls to finance the alliance. – Sounds so serious