I got myself an early Christmas present :

I present to you, my new BIG BANG BABY!

I’ve always wanted a guitar for myself, so I got myself a nice heavyweight Ibanez Gio, superstar from the CRG series, a cheaper version of the RG series. I can’t really afford an RG though. I bought this one from an old friend who used to jam together with me during my uni days. I bought it at RM700 plus a canvas Ibanez bag. Cool! Like I said, I got myself a Christmas present, an early one. I still have a lot on my wish list though. So here are a few that is still on top of the list :

1. Return air ticket to KL for Christmas
2. A Car – Viva would do. I don’t mind Malaysian cars but if you can afford to buy me the new VIOS that would be good too.
3. A new laptop – The one that I’m using now is a bit old fashion
4. Full set digital effect for my Ibanez
5. A 75w Marshall amp
6. A girlfriend – I need a life!
7. Seven is a great number but I can’t really think of anything now.

Rock on dude!

Keep on rocking in the free world. Think Ibanez, think me. Oh yeah! That’s juicy!