I was thinking of getting myself a domain. I think it’s about time since everyone have been moving into new place and I’m still stuck here. So, I thought having my own domain would be super sexy cool. Trying to search for it just now and I found out that I can’t have cibol as a domain. All the cibols are taken! dot.com, dot.net, dot.org and the only thing that is not taken is dot.biz! And to have a dot.biz is kinda not so cheap though.

1. http://cibol.com – A dating site
2. http://cibol.net – An IT solutions company in India
3. http://cibol.org – Welcome to the home page of Cibol Foundation

So lucky that there’s no porn site named cibol, if not I’ll be quite famous.

So, maybe it will not be cibol then. I’ll think of something else. So as for now, it will remain as a secret that I could not tell.

By the way, I spent this evening with Bryan and Tim at the newly built Bintulu Waterfront. It was said to be the longest in Sarawak and personally I think it’s the most beautiful also. I didn’t get a nice picture of it so I decided to google for the pics from flickr and guess what? I found it there. Enjoy the sight-seeing!

Shit, I have to work tomorrow.