You know, one of the greatest secret of success is:


Anyone can be an asshole in their respective workplace. That’s not a fiction but a proven statement. Be it you’re the boss or the slaves, asshole doesn’t really care about what’s your position in the company or any organization you work for. What the fuck he cares? Now, I can be an asshole sometimes. I admit that, there’s no denying. But under one condition, another asshole pissed me off first.

That’s exactly what has been happening these past few days.

Ever since I moved to the front-line, I’ve neglected a few back office works that I used to do when I was the utility player back a few months ago. I rarely do filling as the boss said I’ll just have to concentrate on what I am doing at the current moment. So, I complied quite well with that.

I don’t do clearing
I don’t do rate board
I don’t do posting for LC

I still do posting for OC
I still do pension warrant encashment

I used to do a lot of things before the restructuring. I enjoyed that too. Not that I’m not enjoying the fact that I have less things to do now it’s just that there are some people who are not happy with it. Now, that’s the pissing off motivator. So, FUCK YOU BITCH! Oh, I mean bless you. I was sneezing just now. Sneezing of angst and agony because I’m so fucking annoyed with the way you keep on pestering me with all that sarcasm in whatever shit you said.

Oh, that was a relief.

I was doing OC yesterday but a little bit late. Usually I will move back to back office for OC posting around 2:30 PM but I went in around 3:00 PM. Then I heard a small screeching sounds saying:

Susah sangat ka buat OC? Sini saya buat la

I didn’t really bother to answer that but I was kinda annoyed. OC can be done in like less than 5 minutes and the pick up time is usually at 3:30 PM. So what’s the rush? Besides, I’m the one doing it and not you. What the fuck is all this fuss? I carry on doing what I’m supposed to do and gave her that “FUCK OFF” kinda look. At that particular moment I swear to God that I really want to slap her in the face, yes right in her fucking face. Damn it’s annoying. I mean you can’t just start fucking with people’s ass all the time!

This morning, at the stroke of 9:00 AM where I believe that my day would be a less miserable day today, she was at it again. This time on the filing of received OC vouchers. I admit I never do that ever since I moved to the front and there she was, complaining about why it is not done since September. She started to smash things, trying to tell everyone that she’s fucking pissed. What’s the big hoo-haa all about? Attention whore. I think she’s very much lacking in attention and love and probably you’ll say, why don’t I give her some love? Fuck it, I’m not going to waste my fucking time giving some love to people like that.

You know, I did all that on a voluntary basis and it’s not I was supposed to be doing. Just because I saw nobody is doing it, so I did it in the first place. It was nobody doing it in the first place, why only when I do it and I stop doing it, it bothers her so much? Why not before that? So fucking what is it this time? And suddenly why am I being branded lazy?

So, you see, these assholes do exist. The best way to not to get distracted is just by saying:


I’ll rest my case. Dumbass!