I’ve been playing as a mogul for the past couple of week. The results, great. I am now at the 100,000 acres mark. More than that actually but I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieved, which is so fucking cool. Here are some tips for all the moguls that I would like to share with all the warbookers out there.

Tips For A Beginner Mogul

1. Stat points. Push your mana up to 65. This gives you 3 alchemies at full points and works out to be the most economically sound way of getting in money. Higher than that and your alchemy cost climbs too. DEFENSE! Ignore spell points and attack (you can put points into attack at higher levels if you feel the need but leave it alone initially).

2. Mines, mines and more mines. Gold is a mogul’s strength so use it. Barracks help for upgrading but if your income is maxing, it cancels out the need for cheaper troops. Destroy any amplifiers, you don’t need them and unless you plan on annoying magicians a lot, you don’t need barriers either. Training grounds are pointless for us. If you are paranoid, feel free to use some forts, but they don’t really make that much difference if you concentrate on keeping legionnaires.

3. Make sure you fill all 5 trade slots.

4. Upgrade to legionnaires whenever possible.

5. Feel free to push yourself into negative income to make a jump. Don’t push so high that you end up with a flimsy defense. You will only end up getting beaten back to where you just came from. Make sure you do push high enough to get a decent income again.

6. Buy soldiers from dealers. It costs you way less than making your own.

7. Attack kingdoms with a resource status of PLENTY. You will get higher gains vs troops loss.

8. A personal piece of advice, hit once and move on. Your victims will feel less compelled to come back and get you and you will have less people eager to get their paws on your hard won land 🙂

9. when possible, hit people who are your size, or even bigger than you. You also get higher gains for that. When you aren’t strong enough to do that, the less you bottom feed the better the returns as well.

10. Another thing to try is to always be friendly. If someone gets angry at you don’t get angry back at them and risk provoking a war. There’s been many a time where I’ve made a push and then later get accused of bottom feeding. I usually explain to them that I did Indeed make a push and when i hit them they were my size. On more than a few occasions I’ve even sent them gold (which as a mogul I have more then plenty) and I usually don’t get retaliated as much from the guys I hit when moving up.

Additional Info :

Try to resist the urge to thump every warmonger and necromancer that you catch as they go past. Chances are you will take way more land back off them than they got off you because their defense sucks. And then you will have ruined your DPA that you were trying to rebuild.

I hope that does help and I would like to thank Annick Drewnicki for the tips.