Me and my little princess – Sherlynn Danieyrra

A start of a new year, what did you do on new year’s eve?

Well, I didn’t stay up till 12 actually. So, In a way I missed the countdown. I was downward drunk with my friends. – Kidding. I just stayed at home entertaining friends. We had BBQ at my place, just a few of us. We had some drinks, chit-chat and that’s about it. Nothing much really.

That’s very traditional of you.

Of course. That’s pretty much sums up my new year’s celebration but seriously, I missed the countdown. I slept right after I made some calls to friends and family. I can’t sent any sms so I have to call them up. Maybe due to the craziness of people getting on the phone on new year’s eve, some of them I couldn’t get through – SO GUYS! I’M NOT FORGETTING YOU ALL! I DID TRY TO CALL YOU!

So, how has 2007 been for you?
Good. I learnt a lot of stuffs of life, love and my faith and in a way I think I grew up a little. πŸ˜‰

Anything in particular that you want to highlight?

Nothing much. Maybe the part that I had my convocation. Finally I made it up that stage. You know, I’ve been waiting for that moment to come and when it finally came, it felt like nothing but in a way I see that as one of the milestones in my life. Something worth remembering.

What did you studied in College?
Economics. I major in Business Economics. It sounds boring, I know. πŸ˜‰

You don’t really like it?

Well, not saying that I don’t like it. It’s interesting in a way but to be honest with you, I also don’t know what I like. So it’s pretty much about just getting myself a degree and carry on with life. I mean, like what you study – Does it really matter? I can be an engineer, a banker or whatever that is offered in the industry, if I’m not earning as much as those who sells roti canai in mamak stalls does it make me feel any better? You got the brain but no money, what’s the use? – Borrowed that from a friend actually. I thank him for that.

Did you carved any resolutions last year?
Not really but I guess if you track back my first post on wordpress you’d probably find some I guess. Let’s see :

1. Get a decent job – Done
2. Get A driving License – On the way
3. Keep on blogging – Done, with flying colors (I hope so)
4. Save some money – Except for the Korea trip, I think I might have to postpone that one

I don’t really go all out carving resolutions.

That’s pretty easy to achieve isn’t it?

Yeah, pretty much but you need discipline for that especially for the later part of the resolutions. With greater power comes greater responsibilities, with greater money, if you don’t spend it wisely, comes greater misery.

Carved any for this year?

Nothing much. I’ve listed a few actually. These are the things that I think very possible for me to achieve this year.

1. Buy a car
2. Get my own domain
3. Be happy

Pretty boring. Amoi asked me to put “Get a girlfriend and get married” in my resolutions – Nah! That’s not a resolution. They’ll come when the time comes but as for the moment, maybe not but we never know what will happen in the next 12 months.

Any special project going on? music-wise?

Currently I’m working on a few tracks. Money and equipment has been the setbacks for all these while. I hope I will have everything by end of this year so that I can have my very own studio at home. That would be better.

So, hoping to hear that real soon.

Hopefully. I’ve got 4 songs yet to be titled – I really like one of them. I might just call it “Used To” – I don’t know. We’ll see what will happen.

I guess that’s all for today. Thanks for your time and happy new year.
Thanks, happy new year.