When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s always this lovely track from Martina McBride – My Valentine comes to my mind or perhaps everyone. The song seems to be so attached to this special day. I like this line

“Even if the sun refused to shine, even if romance is out of rhyme you will still have my heart until the end of time. You’re all I need My Love, My Valentine”.

And perhaps on this very special day, we might as well just give a little bit of extra tender loving care to our loved ones, could be your mom, dad, sister, brother, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and the list goes on. Well, everyday is Valentine’s Day but sometimes we needed to be reminded about it. Whatever it is, have a wonderful Valentine to everyone. Here are a few of the sms that I received on Valentine’s Day from friends and families. I’m so dissapointed that how come only one guy send me Valentine’s sms? Ha ha ha .. Guess guys don’t really send that to guys. Here are some of the sms that I’d love to share with all of you. Thanks and God bless.

A special wish from my “HEART”

where I keep a special friend like “YOU”

Happy Valentine’s Day


A WORD starts with A,B,C.

A NUMBER starts with 1,2,3

A SONG starts with Do,Re,Mi


A FRIENDSHIP starts with “U” & “ME”



The loveliest day comes when you  wake up each day and find out

that love still colours your world through friends

who truly care and never failed to remember



On Valentine’s Day, we think of people
who have cheered and encouraged us,
who go out of their way
to be kind and caring,
who have enriched our lives
just by being themselves.
You are such a person.
I’m so happy you’re my Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day!