Since we wordpress can not provide me with at least a chatbox, so I guess this is better than nothing. So guys, anything you guys want to bitch at, rant do whatever you like in this page – It’s up to you. Just remember to be nice and peacefull to each other. Happy chatting.

P/S : Keep me updated with more and more gossips. That will do. 🙂


41 Responses to “Let’s Talk”

  1. cibol Says:

    maybe I should start. What did you guys did on merdeka eve?

  2. oink Says:

    I was watching tv and sleeping after the clock strikes midnight. not cool 🙂

  3. cibol Says:

    oink : Dude, you should’ve been with us. Hai …

  4. nono Says:

    Hmm.. If you wanna have a cbox then I suggest you to register for it and make a link for the cbox. Then people can chat in the cbox. Hee.. But this is also cool! 😛

  5. cibol Says:

    nono : I think it’s better this way. I hate cbox sometimes .. ha ha ha. Unlike comments, cbox can’t give you the anxiety that you have when you have comments. Maybe it’s because you can see the number of comments that you have. Ha ha ha .. I dun know. Just maybe. How was your merdeka?

  6. bongkersz Says:

    merdeka? i spent my whole day at the car workshop.. i merdeka-ed my hard earned money on a piece of metal. Fark!

    Eh, this is a gud idea, i want to have a page like this too at my blog :p hmm, me watching SAW 3 now.. best!

  7. cibol Says:

    dude, I bring bad luck. 🙂 sorry ya!

  8. bongkersz Says:

    not you la. just me. karma.. 😀

  9. nono Says:

    Whoops whoops okay then.

    Merdeka? I didnt celebrate it. I stayed in my room. That was stupid but actually I have my midterm on the 30th!!!! Once again, that was incredibly stupid… Huhu.

    bongkersz, you watch Saw heh? Ayoo.. SO scary la that movie. SO mean!

  10. cibol Says:

    bongkersz : Reminds me of MY NAME IS EARL

    nono : come on .. nobody is supposed to be in their respective room on that day. Do something next time .. Like what ah? Karaoke .. oh yeah!

  11. cibol Says:

    guys, the latest post is my latest writing. ha ha ha .. tiada kaitan with yang hidup or yang mati

  12. bongkersz Says:

    nono : SAW 1, 2 and 3, brilliant movies.. must watch! 🙂 it’s hard for people to follow a set of rules.. hehe..

  13. lily Says:

    Merdeka Day?…I go shopping shopping and more shopping…Got SHOPPING 1, 2 and 3…briliant choice..must go 🙂

  14. drumsticks Says:

    ello!! clever idea of using this as chat box.. can i copy? hahaha


  15. cibol Says:

    bongkersz : Maybe I will go and see la. Ha ha ha .. sure got nice soundtrack hoh?

    lily : Shopping ah? What to shop in Miri? I rather shop at petaling street than miri but it’s still better than shopping in Bintulu or Sibu or Kuching la. Enough said

    drumsticks : Well, I think it’s a good idea to have this. Why not?

  16. lily Says:

    Tat day big sale at Boulevard mar….And actually the price quite the same as Penang lor…to me reasonable lar…Petaling Street too far for me …so have to be contended with what i had 🙂

  17. cibol Says:

    but really nothing at boulevard eh? There’s no G2000, no GIO khakis. 🙂 Not critisizing la but since it’s sale then ok lor .. Why not you go Everwin, everyday is like cheap sale one

  18. lily Says:

    Er, where is Everwin wor? Never heard before lar…I tot that shop edi go bancrupt?….Dunno lar….Petaling Street oso dun have G2000 or GIO Khakis wat, since u said u rather shop in Petaling Street than Miri…

  19. cibol Says:

    Everwin ah .. Bintulu. Ha ha ha .. Well, not in that sense la. I mean PS got better bargains mar and lotsa stuffs compared to boulevard. and of course penang is no heaven for shoppers either. 🙂 sorry to say la but if you say food, well .. ok la. I can live with that

  20. lily Says:

    Ya meh?I got a lots of my gal friends purposely come Penang to shop ler…as they said it is cheaper…Maybe you have only been Penang once, so you don’t know where to find and go for cheap stuff?…In KL, also got cheap stuff la but actually the price the same as Penang lor and sometimes Penang cheaper la…Well, PS too many people for me…Everytime I go sure pening…Hehe…Never mindla, your shopping heaven for sure wasn’t same as mine heh 🙂

  21. cibol Says:

    yeah .. different people have different choice ma. PS is heavent for pirated stuffs. Ha ha ha .. But if you’re talking about shopping for clothes and all, I usually do it at One U la. lotsa choices and at affordable price same goes with Sungei Wang but the problem with Sungei Wang is that it’s always super pack one. So, One U would be a better choice.

  22. drumsticks Says:

    so i’ll definitely see you again for Christmas? or New Year… since you’ll be coming over here to shop? =D

  23. cibol Says:

    drumsticks : Let’s just say, difinetely maybe .. as for the moment. 🙂 but I might. Then I’ll drop by to get some christmas present as well 🙂 but maybe as early as Raya also ..

  24. bongkersz Says:

    don’t forget my present for christmas if you drop by.. muahahaha!

  25. cibol Says:

    who who? I want also …

  26. cibol Says:

    jangan la mare bang

  27. cibol Says:

    selamat berpuasa to all those who berpuasa and those who turut bersama memenuhkan dan menyemakkan bazaar ramadhan mengalahkan orang yang berpuasa walauipun tidak berpuasa .. ha ha ha. Man .. I love bazaar ramadhan

  28. lily Says:

    Wasai…ur new banner gothic lar… :).. kejiwangan terserlah

  29. bongkersz Says:

    bang, bila jadi gothic+emo ni?? lol lol lol… bunyi orang ka parai..

  30. cibol Says:

    well .. my chemical romance .. ha ha ha. Credit to rory for the cool banner ..

  31. cibol Says:

    well .. my chemical romance .. ha ha ha. Credit to rory for the cool banner ..

  32. Lynnwei Says:

    what is chemical romance?

  33. cibol Says:

    It’s “My Chemical Romance”. A pop+punk rock band from the US. They sang helena, welcome to the black parade .. quite famous.

  34. kidpieces Says:


    Chemical Romance~ 😛

  35. cibol Says:

    Guys, happy new year!!! Cheers! – Payday not yet oh .. Kanasai

  36. chuanling616 Says:

    hi…happy new year…i wish to exchange link with your blog…my one is

  37. cibol Says:

    chuanling616 : Hi there, thanks for dropping by. Yup, added you dy!

  38. 3 Says:

    Hey there, I just thought you’d like to know that your blog’s layout is all messed up in Avant (browser) for some reason. You might want to check out your HTML code. -Philip

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