October 2007

Shit happens. Really. When you have no one to guide you and no one to walk beside you …

They’ll come to you …

They’ll come to you …

With their blessings …

Wahlau eh … The Gods are shining upon my kingdom!


Sa-kai : : (saa-kye)


1. to fill with great surprise or sudden wonder; astonish upon seeing something new
2. to get overly excited over it
3. if you still can’t imagine what’s the meaning of sakai, have you ever watch the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy Before? If you have, that is another level of sakai-ness.

A few days ago drumsticks, bongkersz and me tried a karaoke session on the NET! – through Skype. I got sakai-ed. Why?

1. this is the first time I know what the hell is skype
2. skype is so farking awesome
3. now the whole family can have karaoke session with my sis in UPM

Aren’t we so sakai?

I managed to record some of it but then I can only record my voice and can’t hear bongkersz and drumsticks at all but I can hear my mom and my cat being busy in the kitchen.

Bear with the broken chinese

I think I’ve been indulge too much in warbook. I’ve been sleeping late, wake up early and after work I will quickly log on to warbook. Insane, I know. Every single second I think about how is my kingdom doing? Will that farker money mogul attack me again today? Will I be able to repel his attack? Will I have enough money to build up on my defense? I can’t seem to get it off my mind. I know I’m supposed to be giving my full concentration on my work but at the moment, I don’t have anything to do! Everything I see is warbook until all the emails in my inbox seems like the alliance chat and the discussion board:

All Legion Head
All Types of Hero

Subject: Gold Holding Limits – Aftermath
(Please refer to email circular ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx dated 8th October 2007)

Greetings Chaosians,

We wish to remind all kingdom especially to those with temporary increased limit till 22nd October 2007, which you have until Monday to regularize your gold holding limit accordingly. As at 16th October 2007 the gold outstanding is still in excess of 26 million pieces of gold from your regular gold holding limit.

To minimize attack risk and maximize mining productions, please ensure that your gold position is within your regular gold holding limits at end of day of 22nd October 2007 and thereafter at all times with the exception of kingdom that are still under the divine protection till 24th October 2007. By regularizing your gold holding limit back to your normal limit you will start earning your interest or saving on your legion’s interest.

Appended below are some of the steps that you can follow in order to reduce your gold holding limit:-

1. Carry out more gold to the Lord Mogul’s camp or legion treasurer, where necessary within the most cost-effective frequencies. Please make sure the trip is fully protected by pikemen and berserkers.

2. Route the newly harvested gold (if you have excess) to the nearby kingdoms, if required by them for their daily operations in replenishment of barracks or forts. (Information can be obtained at legion’s treasurer’s horde on requirement of gold). This will give aid to those entire newly built kingdom under Chaos Legion.

3. Utilize the newly harvested for your daily operations and for your gold dispenser units since you cannot send these gold back to Lord Mogul’s camp. (Please ensure that you depleted the new gold thoroughly before replenishing in the dispenser units)

We will be monitoring each individual kingdom gold position closely. Please be guided and comply accordingly and report any multiple attack cases.

In Chaos we trust!

Lord Chaos!


I was tagged by Sean :

Like I said before, I am still using the ice-age old Nokia 3310. So, I just want to share with you what’s my wallpaper. Here you are :

Exactly the same

Why does plastic surgery is often related to the act of being God? I sometimes wonder what does it make when it comes to wearing braces? Why they don’t people say that it’s an act of being God too? I mean still the same thing, might not me major reconstruction of your body but still it’s a reconstruction. Changing something for one purpose ;

To be nice to look at / pretty / beautiful etc

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not challenging what’s I’ve been thought since I was a little boy and I’m not trying to be religiously smart here. Just something to ponder on. Personally I have nothing against plastic surgery and not that I’m planning to have one. I mean it’s understandabaly hard to adapt to the so demanding world, overhyped lifestyle and living in a community which is so judgemental. I guess I do understand the pressure in a way.

My eight year old cousin, Leo recently caught chicken pox. My dad and I went back to kampung to give him a visit. Well, it was actually quite a while since I last visited grandma, so we thought might as well just stay there for the weekend.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by Terence (Awal), a younger brother of Leo. He’s at about four year old. He came to me and said:

“Intai (Leo’s Iban name) is sick. He can’t walk. He got chicken wing”


“He got chicken wing”

“Are sure it’s not chicken pox?”

“Chicken wing”

Imagine Leo got this on his back:

I can only imagine …

Jang Hyuk is on the cover of Men’s Health Japan ;

With the raya season last week and heavy night outing during the weekends, it kinda make the “Trim & Fit” life sessions really hard to follow. I remember one time back in uni I used to do a lot of push ups. Then suddenly one day I realized something odd. Instead of getting a larger chest, I ended up having a bigger breast. Yes, you read that correctly A BIGGER BREAST! I need to do a lot of adjustments to that.

It was like a few days ago that Bryan and I were talking about how smart and brave Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is. This afternoon, I was quite shocked when I heard the news. He was called to be with God this morning at 11:20am. He whom I regard as one of the country’s greatest man passed away at the age of 90. Indeed for me he is a man of courage, a symbol of hope for those who dream of a rags to riches kind of life. He is indeed a legend and it’s a great loss to the nation. May God bless his soul and my deepest sympathy to Tan Sri Lim’s family.

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