The start of the new year is somewhat I would say one of the busiest time for banks, especially those banks that holds accounts for schools and also the KWAPM accounts. I don’t really know what does KWAPM stands for but it is some monetary aid for the poor and less unfortunate students. Things can get a little nasty sometimes when parents who are dissatisfied with the delay of money being credited into their children’s account. It’s not that we don’t want to credit the money but there is no money to be credited and how can we credit to their account if there’s no money?

Dealing with school is a headache. Why? They use a lot of coins. They come to you with big plastic bags full of coins. They will stand there waiting for you to count the money. Not that we mind a lot about it but it would actually help if we do that at the end of the day because there’s a lot of people who are in a hurry especially those who are dealing with foreign transfer, local and outstation cheques that needs to be cleared on that day itself. If one school come in a day is still okay, I can deal with that but usually it’s like a few schools in a day and they come to the bank with all the coins several time during the day! I don’t understand why they don’t do it in one shot. These are teachers!

If usually the branch only have around 160-175 transactions daily, with the school accounts it can be between 200-250 transactions daily. Being in charge of ATM and CDM – not entirely in charge of it; it’s as busy as the tellers at the counters and it really doesn’t help if you have money lenders next door. Why? Every freaking morning they will withdraw with at least 10 cards; One card, RM 3000 and if there’s 10 cards, RM 30,000. Imagine that RM 30,000 is only from one person / money lender. There are at least 5 money lenders in this particular area, and if all of them withdraw that’s a staggering RM 150,000 in just one fine morning! The amount being top up is like only RM 300,000 every Monday and Friday – Exceptional case when it’s near to the festive season usually can be up to RM 500,000 or a little more than that.

Remember the last time I told you about the things you need to know about ATMs? Well, this is just an additional info on the part where you withdraw money, the cash was not dispensed and there’s no slip being printed. What you have to do when you make a report is that, go to your bank and print your statement which shows the transactions that you’ve made on that particular day and also if possible update your passbook because the bank which “took your money away” need to submit that along with your report. – It will make things easier in a way. The nasty part is, there’s always a delay. It can be 2 weeks and sometimes it can be a month, so be prepared. So if you are in dying need of money, I’ll say you can just forget about that. So to prevent all this, read my last post about ATM.