I’m quite surprised that a lot of people still do not understand how ATM operate. Maybe that’s too deep, even I don’t know. I mean don’t really know. What I’m trying to say is how in general ATM functions. Of course you might say that “Of course you know, you work in a bank”, but again these things I learn when I was still studying in secondary school. So?

There was a lady this morning complaining about some issues that she faced earlier today.

Lady: The ATM got problem
Me: What seems to be the problem madam?
Lady: No money lerr …
Me: That’s impossible because I’ve just uploaded cash into the ATM this morning
Lady: Why cannot lerr?
Me: How much you withdraw?
Lady: RM1,600

Now, guys if you still don’t know I’m telling you now. A dispenser unit can only dispense 20 notes at a time usually goes to the amount of RM1,000 which is equivalent to 20 pieces of RM50 notes. Now, let say you want to withdraw RM1,600 from your bank account. You need to withdraw RM1,000 first and then the second time you withdraw RM600. You can’t withdraw RM1,600 in one go.

Me: You must withdraw RM1,000 first then only you withdraw RM600.
Lady : Ya meh?
Me: Yes. Because the limit per withdraw is RM1,000
Lady: Like that kah?
Me: (Stupid no schooling) 🙂

To my surprise, this lady works for a bank. So, now you know that not every single person who works in bank knows everything about the bank. It’s almost impossible that you know everything but this ATM thing is something that I think you doesn’t need to work in bank to know that an ATM can only dispense RM1, 000 at a time. I don’t blame her but in this case it somehow makes her looks stupid because of the “How could a person who works in bank do not know of that?”

Related to that, there are actually daily transaction limit for ATM. Usually when you open your account and being given an ATM card the officer in charge will tell you this. There’s a limit of RM3,000 for daily transaction for ATM, meaning you can only withdraw up to the amount of RM3, 000 per day and anything above that you will have to do the transactions through the counter. Some banks have the option of RM5,000 daily transactions but for most banks it is RM3,000.

There’s something about MEPS and inter-bank transactions through ATM that you must know. Before slotting your precious ATM card on a machine that bears the logo MEPS or Bankcard, please do not go straight into withdrawal section but go to balance inquiry first. If the system is quite slow, slower than normal, do not withdraw your money from that particular machine. Chances of the bankcard and MEPS system is down is quite high especially when it’s payday!

I’ll give you an example:

You’re a Maybank card holder. You went to Public bank ATM to withdraw money. Please go to the balance inquiry section before you withdraw your money. In some cases, you withdraw money but then there’s no money dispensed. System might be down at the moment but when you go back to your bank, which is Maybank your account had been deducted by the amount that you withdrew this morning. If this happen, you have to go to Public Bank and file a complaint. After that Public Bank will forward complaint form to their HQ and HQ will attend it to MEPS / Bankcard. Now, for most banks the standard procedure is that every complaint must be sent that day itself. So, note this: Public Bank and Maybank are not at fault in this. You must understand that it’s the system and the system is not run by Maybank or Public Bank!! So don’t you dare fucking come to me and yell at me saying that “Your bank took my money”. It happens sometimes. These are the so called assholes of the community.

There was this one time that the same case happen to a lady.

Lady: So how?
Me: File a complaint
Lady: Then how would I know it’s true that your bank didn’t took my money?
Me: That’s why I’m asking you to file a complaint. Just fill in this form
Lady: Isn’t there anything which is in black and white?
Me: ???????? (WTF!!)
Lady: Saya mau makan apa la?
Me: (Makan pasir) The money will be credited back to your account once it’s settled.
Lady: I want to make a police report!!

Oh please – she’s a fucking Jew. Stupid and arrogant! Like what can the police do about it? Stupid isn’t it? I know that she’s frustrated and angry but at least say something that doesn’t make you look like a dumbshit.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but usually cases like these will fall on the ladies and they always think their smart and know everything about banking and how the financial institutions works. So my advice to all the ladies, get your facts right before you say something that might make you look stupid. So far I’ve never had any problems with the gentlemen. It’s just the ladies, gawd they’re awful sometimes!

Believe me, this is something simple and very much direct to the point and it’s not so much of a rocket science for people to understand. It would very much help if you would just listen to the officer in charge while he or she is trying to explain to you things because it’s just annoying when sometimes I have to explain to the same person about the same thing over and over again. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to look stupid in some way. If you didn’t know all that before, now you know.

P/S: FYI – I’m not working for any of the banks mention above